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There's a huge amount of land around the hamlet and caring for it is a massive job. Any help is really appreciated. So, outside of high season and particularly in April, October and November, we're welcoming volunteers who are willing to put in five hours, or so (you don't need to clock-in!), of graft each day in exchange for accomodation and meals.


You don't need any particular skills; outlook and attitude are much more important. You certainly have to be the sort of person who gets a buzz out of working in the fresh air.


Most of the work is forest based. The trees need to be looked after and there are a lot of them, so there is always work protecting them from build-ups of ivy and bindweed; a lot of sawing, hacking and land clearing. We also do some felling of dead wood, logging and chipping. Our main work is collecting our chestnut harvest every October (from around the 12th). We have around 200 ancient chestnut in groves that we are renovating, producing organic sweet chestnuts for a local co-operative.


There's also work to be done in clearing the tracks up into the hills, fence and steps building, and quarrying stone to rebuild some of the lost, original terracing.


There are more specific projects that we're working on too. We're building a decked observatory over the stream valley and hope to make more headway into improving the efficiency of the water system, building an outdoor bath and shower room, setting up hops trellises and commencing the renovation of the "Old House". If you do have any particular skills or experience that could help us on our way then we'd be really happy to have you with us.


Photographers are really welcome at the moment... this website is still under construction... and the photos really don't do the place justice!


If you're interested, drop us an email through the "contact us" section letting us know when and why you'd like to come out.


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