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groups and retreats

The hamlet is perfect for group holidays, celebrations, retreats and courses with accommodation for up to 14 adults in the summer season (Mid-June to Mid-September) and 10 in late spring/autumn; and a great choice of communal spaces within and around the hamlet, inside and out.


The Maison D'Hote communal space, a vast room lined with original French windows, that maximise light, and floored with antique chestnut, can comfortably accomodate large groups.  Alternatively, there's the more intimate space and galleried mezzanine of Les Cygnes.


Outside, again there are large and small open spaces from the expanse of the Mint Field, nestled in the hills, to the Sycamore shade just above the hamlet and the Hammock Garden and yoga deck/sun terrace in the hamlet itself.


Of course, the forest itself is a huge space for hiking or biking, forestry, tree-surgery or foraging courses.


The hamlet is served by a wireless network providing easy internet access, but if you really want to get away from it all we can easily turn it off!


If you're an instructor, course, retreat or select party organiser and you have an idea and want to see if we can host it, please get in touch.

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