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the Hot tub

The hot tub is spring fed and wood-fired, filled with 3000 litres of spring water and heated with sustainably sourced wood straight from the land.

The water isn't chemically treated at all, we keep it pure, straight from the mountain. So we empty it (using the water for irrigation), scrub it and re-fill it for every use.

We don't cut down living trees in our forest, so all of the wood has come from wind-fall. We find it, cut it, bring it down from the forest, chop it, stack it and season it before using it to heat the water from around 5 degrees up to somewhere between 40 and 45 degrees (depending on how hot you like it).

Because of the time and graft involved we can only offer the tub if you've made a week long booking or more. And we need at least 24 hours notice (more in the high summer when the spring can be quite slow). We'll fill and heat it for you for two consecutive evenings for a total of €60. (But it's free if you've booked the whole hamlet!).

Lounging in 3000 litres of beautifully hot mineral water, surrounded by candles, gazing at a sky full of stars and listening to an orchestra of owl calls is really worth it. You won't want to get out, some guests have stayed for over five hours!

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